Wheel Generator 1.8.1 officially released on 17 January 2010

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Wheel Generator 1.8.1 officially released on 17 January 2010

Post by lottoarchitect » Sat Jan 16, 2010 5:33 pm

Wheel Generator 1.8.1 is officially available now! The download links are active! :D

Registered users of Wheel Generator 1.8, please login to your licensed area at the website to obtain the latest release from the local server. You have to copy the "wg.lic" file from WG 1.8 folder to the installed folder of WG 1.8.1 and also the "Presets" folder to retain your presets in WG 1.8.1. It is recommended to completely uninstall any Wheel Generator versions from your system before installing WG 1.8.1.

This version is an improved WG 1.8 which has increased computation speed and also corrected some known issues of the 1.8 version.
An auto-save feature has been added. A new engine has been implemented in building FD coverings, which is more close to the natural inner-workings of WG's engine, therefore it produces better FD coverings faster!
These new additions are located at the options of the program. Please refer to the help file for more information on usage of these features.
Also highly improved the computation speed on the hits analysis windows.
Finally, a known bug has been corrected. When importing a mother covering (which is FD on its own), the engine of 1.8 could not evaluate it as filtered. This now has been corrected.

After that release, we move to complete the 1.9 thread announcements.


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