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Filtered Full Construct

Post by pusha » Wed Apr 27, 2016 2:18 pm

Hi Lottofolks,

i'm new to LA 2.2 and want to ask how i can get a filtered full construct out of LA. Lottery is the EuroMillions 50 numbers, pick 5, hit 5. What i want to do:

1. Create a full construct with 50,5,5,5 (v,k,t,m)
2. Filter out all combinations with my desired SUM, Even/Odd, Number Groups
3. Save all combination for a Mother Covering (WG)

Many thanks in advance for a guided tip.


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Re: Filtered Full Construct

Post by lottoarchitect » Wed Apr 27, 2016 4:33 pm

Hi pusha, since you want to filter out combos from the whole set of combinations offered by Euromillions, you can skip the creation of the full wheel. If you actually needed fewer numbers than the total amount of balls of the game, you could follow this guide here
viewtopic.php?f=7&t=34&p=34&hilit=full+wheel#p34 but you don't need this when you use all the available numbers for the full wheel.
So, just setup and save your filters (sums/odd etc) in a session and go to Stage 3 calculations. At that stage, at the top select "all available range of tickets" and click "calculate". When the process is over, save the ticket listing and display it. Right-click at the displayed tickets to export the remaining combinations. Done.
If you had to create a full wheel with fewer numbers than those available i.e. make a 40,5,5,5 full wheel, you have two ways to do that. Either with the instructions at the link above or by using the global numbers filter, where you disable any number you don't want in the full wheel, those left must be at "normal" mode and click "save". Go to stage 1 calculations and check "global numbers filter" and click "calculate", save the produced tickets and proceed as above with setup of your filters (odd etc). The difference now is, at stage 3 calculators you have to select "stage 1 (generators) tickets" listing as source. This is the fastest way to use a full wheel, using the global numbers filter.

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