I can't start a prediction...

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Getting used to it
Getting used to it
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I can't start a prediction...

Post by pick4victory » Tue Nov 04, 2014 11:01 am

After pledging some small donation, I manage to download the LA and installed it as well as import the data file for PICK3 AND PICK4. However, that's the max I went for the past 2 days.

Despite reading the user manual 2 times, I still cant get going with the filters and coming up with a prediction for the next draw :?

I would appreciate if some one can give me some idea on how to come up with a prediction for next draw....I saw so many interesting patterns and stats but I simply can not put up a filter together and run them...I would appreciate if someone can guide me with a simple steps to follow for me to know the correct sequence to follow....I saw there is step 1 2 3 there but I simply can't get them working....pls help...thanks so much.

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Re: I can't start a prediction...

Post by lottoarchitect » Tue Nov 04, 2014 9:05 pm

Hi pick4victory, prediction is different to setting up filters. The actual prediction in LA is available via the Hot/Cold/Due system which is accessible only through the wheeling system. How to get a prediction:
1) Launch wheels system (F5).
2) Go to database tab and enable the highest value for M & P parameters and also the two check boxes below (Full & Boxed). Then click "display wheel list".
3) At the left you'll get a list of pick-style wheels. Find a wheel that matches the amount of numbers you want to pick (the N column) and right-click on it to select "display in details". This will open a new tab "details" at the top, click it.
4) There you'll see the Hot/Cold/Due system.
5) If you actually want to use a full/boxed wheel, you have to name and save it. So, after applying your selection of numbers, click at the bottom "name and save". Enter a name when asked and close the wheels system.
6) To actually produce the tickets for any further processing (i.e. filtering), you have to generate a ticket listing from that wheel. To do so, click at stage 1 calculations and enable "custom wheels", then click calculate and finally "save tickets". What you have accomplished with the above is you have produced a ticket listing, named "stage 1 (Generators) ticket listing" for further processing or printing it.

About filters, there isn't any "prediction" ability at this part but there are algorithms to quickly setup accept/reject status of the various values.
How to setup a filter:
1) Open the rejection filter design window (F8) and select the filter category at the top-left. The category groups similar logic filters and each column at the right side of the window refers to each filter. The filters are independent really. Now, you either have the option to
a) manually set the desired values for accept/reject status. To do so set the algorithm to "Custom/User" and the table to YES/NO. Adjust the values at the right side, there is also a popup to quickly set a range of values.
b) Set and algorithm to reject values. Simply select an algorithm to do the adjustment. Then you may decide to further adjust the YES/NO values, so proceed as in a) above.
2) To actually use that filter, have the selector at the column you are interested in and click "Create", enter a name if the default is not satisfactory.
3) To actually produce the tickets, you need to run Stage 3 calculations, so click at it. There you'll notice at the top, the initial tickets selection. If you produced the wheel above and want to further filter it with your rejection filter, select the generators ticket and click calculate and then save. This will store the outcome at the "Stage (3) rejection filters ticket listing".

You can further filter down any of the produced ticket listings above with new filters, at any stage (besides Stage 1 which is a generators ticket listing procedure) you can keep refining the final ticket listing till you reach a satisfactory result. Just keep in mind, whatever you setup, you have to run the relevant Stage X process to actually get the produced tickets. Hope this helps to get you started.

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