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fixed odd

Post by works27 » Fri Sep 19, 2014 7:35 am

Hello Anastasios,

Can u please explain to me what it means when a system is said to use or is a (fixed odd ) system.

Secondly, though I have tried the GAT engine and not find it useful because the predictions are hidden am still interested but will like to suggest that this function is enabled for a limited number of use or time.

This will allow as to even appreciate the software because trying without the main focus enable is useless.


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Re: fixed odd

Post by lottoarchitect » Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:46 am

Hi works27, I'm not sure I've ever heard that term "fixed odd". Presumably all lottery games are fixed odd games, meaning the chance to have a particular win is indeed fixed. Where did you find that term?

As for GAT, you can test the system using the compare function, no need to display trial predictions to do so. This functionality allows the system to be fully tested as if you did actually have the predicted numbers shown. How to use it:
1. Perform a scan with your latest available draws history and decide on GATs to use. This is to emulate how you'd pick a GAT for real play based on the information/graph shown.
2. When the real draw of the commission comes out, DO NOT add that draw to the history. Instead enter the drawn numbers at the "compare numbers" box and perform the same run (with the same parameters you did at step 1) till you reach the GAT IDs decided on step 1. You'll see a green colouring which indicates how many correct numbers were found; just compare how effective was your GAT selection in predicting that draw. That way you can test GAT for as long as you want; no need to display predictions to properly test the system and finally, adding a trial although may sound reasonable it has two big pitfalls: first it is very easy to hack and take advantage of - I don't want that to happen - and furthermore how much trials should be enabled to allow proper evaluation of GAT? 20, 30, 40 and based on what, how many times you run the program, or counted weeks? I believe you understand trials are bad in this perspective and really they are not needed and furthermore have the freedom to test the system for as long as you want.


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