Struggling to import draw history

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Getting used to it
Getting used to it
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Re: Struggling to import draw history

Post by NYYannkee » Wed Nov 26, 2014 1:53 pm

Hi rhillstrand02. Was reading your post about setting up Mega Millions. I have it set up fine, with the following: Draw #, Date Day, Main Numbers and MegaBall. I do not track the Megaplier as I don't see its future (or current) value. My import did NOT include the descriptors you had in your sample. I used the Wizard to assist with import and as lottoarchitect says, you need to start with a clean text file. Here's an example of my import file:

10/22/13,02-13-19-52-71 14
10/25/13,06-16-45-54-60 15
10/29/13,20-33-50-53-54 07
11/01/13,32-35-49-62-67 01

Give me a shout if you'd like some further assistance! Good Luck. We still need another 35 draws before this lottery will actually run good in GAT! (Note: Day of the week is calculated by the import date.)


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