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Filter to exact SUM value

Post by draughtsman » Sun Jan 27, 2008 6:15 am


I would like to know the exact steps to do the following: I want only the lines that have a certain Sum, ie. Let's say I want only lines with numbers that total all 101 in this case. How do I go about creating this. Any help would be appreciated. I need exact easy steps to create such a filter if it's possible.


That is easy to do actually. Go to the rejection filters design window and select "Sums" category on the top-left of the window. The 1st column displayed is for the total sum filter. The other columns represent other types of sums.
1)First, make sure you have selected on the left "Algorithm selection=Custom/user". This allows you to set manually the filters' properties. Also make sure you have selected "Table information=Yes/No". Only in this table view mode you are allowed to adjust the filters' values.
2)Click on a cell in this 1st column, right-click and select "Range selection->Select all values of selected filters". This will select all the values of the total sums filter. Again right-click and select "Set selected region to->No(rejected)". This will mark all the values of the total sum filter to "No" meaning they will be rejected. Finally, scroll to find the required value 101 and simply make it a yes (double click on it or press enter when the indication box is on that cell.
3) Once you performed the above steps and you have only the value 101 to "Yes" status, it is time to create the total sum rejection filter. Having the indication box on a cell in the 1st column (the total sum column), click the "Create" button on the bottom-left. The indication box will define what filter you want to create. You can select a range to create multiple filters at the same time. Enter a name for the filter when asked and also notice the session number it will be stored into.
4) Now you can use this filter to filter down tickets. You can ensure the filter was saved by opening the rejection filters manager window. Select the session number you have stored it in and it should be there with a green circle (which indicates it is active and it will be used in the filtering process).
5) To actually use this filter, simply open the 3rd stage calculation window, select the initial ticket listing source to filter tickets from and the session you want to use for the filtering (the one you saved your total sum filter). Click calculate and it will be filtered.


Thanks, it worked! That was too simple, how could I not see this.


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