Filter a range of SUM Values

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Filter a range of SUM Values

Post by draughtsman » Sun Jan 27, 2008 6:13 am


My question for this week.

This is a follow up question to the one on filtering out all the sums except one particular value. The explanation was very clear and easy to follow.

What I would like to do is filter out a whole range of numbers – for example all the sums from 21 to 99. I have done it manually by just clicking on each value between 21 and 99 to turn it to “no”. That seems like a lot of extra work.

Is there a way to reject all the sums between 21 and 99 in one step?



Yes Bill, there is.

Left click on cell 22 and drag the cursor to your end point cell 99 and all those cells dragged over will be highlighted. Now right click on your mouse and you will get a sub menu where you will see set selected region to yes or no.



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