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Number Elimination

Post by draughtsman » Sun Jan 27, 2008 5:36 am



I just got your program
So I'm very new to it.

As a beginner I am very interested to know if it's possible to eliminate 10 to 12 (maybe even up to 15) unlikely to hit numbers on a regular basis. By regular I mean 50% or more of drawings.

If it is possible could you please point me to a way how to do it.
I play 5/37 lottery

thank you


Welcome on the forums mike444!

I can't say for sure how much accuracy you can get as this depends on the trends of your lottery and the parameters you set on the prediction engine. You should try the following and determine what you can expect from the system. Hopefully enough, the process uses the HCD (Hot/Cold/Due) system which is capable to produce very good results in several cases.
A good way and mostly "secure" to remove unlikely to be drawn numbers is via the Hot/Cold/Due system (HCD). This can be accessed at the Details page in the wheels system. This HCD system suggests the most probable numbers to come, so numbers not selected will be good candidates to eliminate.
If you are interested only in numbers to eliminate using the HCD, you have to pick a wheel first. If you're looking for eg 15 numbers to remove, pick a wheel that has 37-15=22 numbers. It doesn't matter what wheel this might be as long as it has 22 numbers. Launch the HCD system using this wheel and run some reports. Each time, slightly change the parameters until you can produce good hits. When satisfied with the results, press "Generate" button in the HCD system and the predicted numbers will be placed at your wheel. The "Generate" button will produce a prediction of numbers for the next draw. Your numbers to eliminate is those not picked for your wheel.
Now, based on the hit ratios, you have two options to use for those 15 numbers. Either remove them using the Global number filter or use them as a number group. The latter is more accurate if the hit ratios are not so good but removes less tickets. The former is good only if the reports suggest top prize hits most of the time.

Another way is to manually determine numbers to remove. You have to use number statistics for this. There are comments in the help file about several cases of numbers that might be good to remove. A common one is to observe the current delay of a number and compare it to its minimum delay or its delay history.

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