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Draw Filters

Post by draughtsman » Sun Jan 27, 2008 5:42 am


Hi Lotto Architect,

I am interested in using some of the various draw filters when working in algorithm/rejection filters and was wondering how to use the Draw filter arrangement of Numbers >> Select Draws with #X. I am interested in what values for X I might use when I think of filtering an N=30 wheel. Would I get best results if the value X is already a number in the N=30 wheel, or if X was a number not included in the wheel?




analysis using "Select draws with #X" are most effective when you feel or determined somehow that this number #X will occur in the next draw. This might look impossible to say for sure that #X will come up of course, so you may want to develop different strategies for some #X's and analyse each one independently.

The main idea behind "Select draws with #X" is to specifically analyse what happens if #X is included in the draw. You may notice something interesting in your analysis and use it, which would not be possible otherwise.

Logically speaking, if you believe some numbers will be drawn, they should be part of the N=30 wheel's numbers. This is not "must be" of course but your filtering will be more precisely targeted to remove tickets from this big wheel if #X are included in the N=30 wheel.

Also note that the HCD system will suggest numbers to use. If you use any "Select draws with #X" draw filter, this does not mean the HCD will always include this #X in its proposed numbers. Such a case is the use of "Least frequent numbers" method. Obviously, #X will be on every draw used to analyse/predict numbers with the HCD. But the system has be told specifically to search on "Least frequent numbers" where #X does not belong obviously as it will be considered always Hot and have the most appearances than any other number!

Hope this makes things clear. If you need more help, please feel free to ask!

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