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Getting used to it
Getting used to it
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Post by OZDOLM » Sat Aug 10, 2013 6:46 am

Can somebody explain the process of selecting a GAT Table? With simple English to be understood by people who are not statistics professors. Step-bye-step. i.e.

1. Run the GAT (after entering the latest draw)
2. Stop where. Optimal point?
3. Click a cell in panorama, i.e. a specific GAT ID.
4. Click the predicted numbers.
5. The graph? "tested draws (blue line averaged on 5 future draws).What is the red line on the same graph? Actual hits? So what are the red line points following the blue line?
6. Which GAT ID to select? How to interpret the blue line? i.e Which GAT Tables with which blue line trend?

I read the guide many times but I'm not sure if I understood it totally. Either my English is not sufficient or I must get a professor degree in Statistics.

Thanks in advance,


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Post by draughtsman » Sat Aug 10, 2013 7:48 am


Welcome to the Lotto Architect forums.

I have moved your post into the GAT pages of this forum. I believe you will find multiple posts in these GAT based threads that will answer your question about selecting a GAT and its predicted numbers for use at the target draw.

The discussions in here are from novice and experienced GAT users who all have attempted to either ask or answer your same question.

Perhaps you might read through some of these to try to find an answer and, second, to assist in developing a strategy to get the best out of GAT. If you are still in doubt please come back and ask again.

And no you do not need to be a mathematics professor to use the GAT system but let us not under estimate the magnitude of the problem in trying to pick the winning number set. You will probably be familiar with a soccer/football pitch typically about 100m by 50m. Divide the pitch up into 19mm squares then pick one of those squares and declare you have the winning square/ticket.

Easy. 8-)


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