GAT lists of different fields

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Getting used to it
Getting used to it
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GAT lists of different fields

Post by Mindas » Thu Mar 12, 2020 6:27 pm

Hi Anastasios.

I decided to get the bandle subscription of GAT engine+Wheel Generator a few days ago and I am at the process of getting the hang of them...
Regarding GAT engine, it's not clear to me yet, whether in a 2 fields lottery (main and bonus ball), the retained GAT list of the main field is independent of the bonus ball GAT list or not.
Meaning that if I save my selection of GATs at the main field and then go to the power ball field and try to save my selection of power ball GATs, this will affect my previous selection (of main field GATs)?
Or there are 2 separate retained GAT lists; 1 for main field and another for the power ball?


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Re: GAT lists of different fields

Post by lottoarchitect » Fri Mar 13, 2020 10:00 am

GAT 3.0 separates the retained GATs and all the parameters actually. At the options, at the engine tab the very first parameter "select the field" controls that separation. Prior to GAT 3.0, the user would have to keep a note on the retained GATs if he wanted to make a run at the other field (either including bonus or powerball).
Test it out, enter some IDs and then change the "select the field" parameter.

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