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Re: GAT Strategy - Set ups

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 5:02 pm
by lottoarchitect
I just thought that the ID=2252433 would go into a hot cycle and I would get A REAL PROFIT from the ID in the 3rd column economically and soon instead of some 2/5 or a 3/5.
Your original GAT with RF = 0
and RF=37

Fair enough. Expectation is a good thing as long as it has some backup performance to expect that. In your particular picked GAT however, you got exactly what this GAT demonstrated, which is steady 2 & 3 hits performance. I assume you somehow expected a 4+ hit out of it otherwise I don't get the point of all these hating posts. Eventually it did produce a 4 hit at RF = 31 or so, however this GAT never demonstrated actual regularity for such an outcome of 4 hits. Can you see the large gap of non 4-hits at the left side? It did produce some 4 hits at the middle of its history for a period of 35 draws, then it got cold as it was cold before that middle part too - no 4 hits whatsoever to the right half of its hit history. One of the very first things we mention about GAT picking is to observe a regular occurrence (the regularity of hits) of an event all over its test range - this is what gives STRENGTH to our expectation, that it can do that performance all over AGAIN and AGAIN. This GAT didn't provide regularity for a 4 hit, so any expectation for such a result is questionable. It even demonstrated that it can get cold at the left side of the history, do you see that waiting time since the 4-hit at position 10? The next 4-hit occurred at position 43 which is a span of 33 draws. So it did show that it can have some long waiting time for such an event to occur again (43 draws average waiting time based on natural chance) but the point is there was no clear regularity to begin with for the expectation of a 4 hit. So, this expectation was not supported by that particular GAT selection because this GAT demonstrated other abilities which were a regular 2 & 3 hit performance. As you can see, it did deliver that. For a 4 hit? No, it didn't show any such regular qualities although it still did produce that 4 hit eventually.
When a user picked up a GAT ID which was in a hot cycle, the ID was indeed a better one at their play period. Conversely, when a user picked up a GAT ID which was in a cold cycle, the ID should be a bad one at this period. Even if it is the same ID, it will behave the different performance at the different period: Better or Bad. This is the Inherent characteristic or momentum of all GATs.

For my real example here, the ID=2252433 just was a bad performing GAT in my play period (10/18/2017—10/23/2017) since it was in a cold cycle. Please look at the picture as below:
So, you should understand why I say the ID=2252433 is not a better performing GAT.
Cycles are closely related to the regularity. Honestly, looking at that red line hit graph how can you conclude a 4 hit has to come up very soon? Why? And please don't call this a bad GAT, this is a perfectly good GAT to what it demonstrated it can provide and what it did eventually provide. Your expectation was bad by picking that GAT to support your expectation.
However, the all GAT users focus on to get A REAL PROFIT by using a GAT ID. In other words, users want to get a desired hit soon and economically by using a Better Performing GAT.
Then pick a GAT that demonstrates regularity to a 4+ hit. You'll get quite sooner any event you ask for from GAT, that's the point of GAT after all.

The rest doesn't worth any commenting, this is what I call BS and crap. Suffice to say, you picked a GAT which demonstrated a particular performance and you got that performance which is much better to what is naturally expected, you had no idea what you were expecting out of it or really your expectation was higher than what was demonstrated, you got what it was expected out of it but you complain because it didn't give you what you were expecting but got what was actually expected. So, BS and crap from start to the end in your posts. Again, there is nothing to solve. Make sensible picks. This one here demonstrates you made a bad pick based on your expectation. You got what was demonstrated, how can this be even "a problem to solve"?
And yes I have used my system to play my local game, I got too close to get the big one twice over two years I have played with it - I stopped because I had the photo business all day long and right now my life isn't at its best to start playing regularly again - I will again eventually don't worry. I got numerous smaller prices in between which supported my play way longer than the money I had available to play or expected to gain if I played numbers from my head. As I said, you have no idea what beating odds mean. What I know is, I get more often more better hits using GAT than what I can do using my magical predictive powers.

Re: GAT Strategy - Set ups

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 5:35 am
by lottoburg
“I assume you somehow expected a 4+ hit out of it otherwise I don't get the point of all these hating posts.”
I have told you again and again: my expectation (all users’ too) just is to get a real profit whether the hit is 3/5 or 4/5 even 5/5! I believe firmly that you would definitely care about a real profit too if you played the lotto game really by using your own money and the same system i.e. 2.3b with us. If there would be such a user who has lost a lot of money here, but he/she was still screaming happily: Ha, I won! Because my winning Odds has beyond the natural Odds. Undoubtedly, he/she definitely is a neuropathic patient or a self-deceptive psychological winner. Isn't this a well-known basic common sense?
“This GAT didn't provide regularity for a 4 hit, so any expectation for such a result is questionable.”

“So, this expectation was not supported by that particular GAT selection because this GAT demonstrated other abilities which were a regular 2 & 3 hit performance.”

“The question is again, why did you pick that GAT if you didn't target a 3+ hit. I am really curious about this,…..”

“As I asked already, explain why you picked that GAT if you didn't target that 3+ hit.”

“So, why did you pick this GAT if you didn't target these qualities? It was placed in column 3, so your aim was the 3+ hits - it did gave that multiple times over the 13 RF draws.”
Yes, my aim was the 3+ hits! But it’s not a regular 2 & 3 hit performance absolutely because the “3+ hits” (i.e. 3 , 4 & 5 hit) is not equal to the “2 & 3 hits” . You have conflated the two different terms, indicating that your thinking is self-contradictory and chaotic, hasn’t it?

According to your comments above, I seemed to have chosen the wrong column when I was going to get a real profit. Is this really true? OK, let Mr. lottoarchitect answer you now: :P
“Q: So, why do we typically pick from the middle columns?
A: Because these are the columns that offer the maximum performance of X+ hits production where X is a mostly meaningful good win division typically a 2 or 3 or 4 hit, which also demonstrates good overall hit performance compared to natural probability and additionally demonstrate much more easily their "regularity of hits". You cannot judge regularity having just one or two hits indicated. For all these reasons, the best GATs to use are typically the middle ones and use any picked GAT for at least 100/X% indicated by that GAT. This 100/X% is known here as the 100/X rule-guideline.”
Thanks for your strong support, Mr. lottoarchitect ! ;)

Re: GAT Strategy - Set ups

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 5:49 am
by lottoburg
“pick ANY GAT shown in the panorama - even if you do that blindfolded without caring for anything you'll be already way better than just picking your own numbers. Whatever you pick even randomly it is already a way better performing GAT.”

“PICK ANY GAT. No pun, these are the instructions plain as that. There isn't any problem to solve really because all the GATs shown in there are already better performing GATs so whichever one you pick is a better performing GAT.”
How do we find the better performing GATs? To be honest, the old issue has been repeatedly emphasized by you and has been lively discussed by users here. Forgot? It doesn't matter, let me remind you again as follows:
“2b) Inspect GAT IDs by double clicking at the numbers at the panorama (or right-click at the panorama for some handy operations). This will display all the available detail of the particular ID. This includes hitting charts, hit statistics, the actual predicted numbers and relevant information. Inspecting the red line can possibly give some clues considering if this GAT ID table is better compared to another inspected earlier. The basic principle is to observe is a desired hit occurs all over the test range (the red line). If we experience a good hit every so often throughout the whole test range, we are good to go. We make our mind on which GAT ID to use and finally we pick and use its proposed numbers.”

“How is it that one GAT prediction can be used for several succeeding draws?
GAT exploits the possibility a set of consecutive draws to have common characteristics, called a "signature" as explained in the concept. This signature remains more or less valid for a few draws ahead. This is identifiable in the graph produced for each GAT table. When you observe a sequence of good successive hits, that GAT table detected a good signature to use. Therefore, our task is to identify which table is more capable in identifying good signatures to use.

This is known as hot/cold cycles in GAT. Also, good GAT IDs to pick are those that offer the least variation of hits delay over the requested hit category (the delays graph).
Thus, although it might be obvious to pick the top-most GAT ID from a column, this GAT may experience a cold cycle and in that case another GAT below the top-most one might be preferable given it offers a much more steady hits performance judged by the regularity we look for.
Finally, I would concentrate mostly on the middle columns where they are more likely steady performers like the 4-hits column here, ……Again, as soon as you decide on a GAT ID for use (RF=0), you keep using this GAT ID in the future draws too (RF>0) and every time you pick the new prediction it proposes.”

“For example, assume a hits graph of 100 tested draws and a GAT table that delivers over the initial 50 tested draws a 4+ hit and 0-3 hits at the later 50 tested draws. Although here overall you have 50 4+ hits, this graph lacks that form of regularity because right now we we'll be at 50 draws without any 4+ hit! In fact, picking that particular Gat in this example is a very bad idea because this clearly demonstrates a GAT that got quite cold without any clue when it is about to start hiting. A very consistent GAT ID table with 50 4+ hits would be the one that delivers this 4+ hit at exactly every 2 draws. This consistency over the whole test range is what gives value to a very good hits statistics. So in fact you may come across two GATs that deliver the same hits at a given category but they vastly differ in the way they deliver those same hits.”

There are lots of the similar posts also in the website. But I’m confused why you now completely negative your own claim. It seems that this problem has never happened. How do we understand your abnormal behavior?

I suspect,it is very likely that you are making a foreshadowing for GAT 3.0. Because the core logic of GAT 3.0 will be the automatic mode which literally will be just pressing a button for getting a GAT (or #s). You are not all complaining that GAT 2.3b is too complicated and time consuming? OK, don’t worry about that! I can improve the 2.3b as a quick-picker, by which you can get a GAT (or #s) simply and easily. However, when using GAT 3.0, you mustn’t doubt every GAT generated by the quick-picker in the future since all GATs are the best, “whatever you pick even randomly it is already a way better performing GAT”. As long as you use the rule of 100/X with RF and have the enough patience (ON AVERAGE), you will eventually get a regularity hit in the selected column. As for whether you can get a real profit, sorry, it depends on your luck and GAT has nothing to do for that. (Who said GAT Engine is a charity?) ;)

This would mean that 2.3b cannot do something till now and 3.0 couldn’t do those either in the future, the only difference between them would be that 3.0 just is a quick-picker of 2.3b。If so, the new version would be useless anymore to users really.

Again, you all have to figure out that the ultimate goal of GAT Engine just is to get a regularity hit from the selected column only by using the rule of 100/X with RF ON AVERAGE. As for whether you can get a real profit by this way, it's not related with GAT. In other words, do you want to get money by using my GAT Engine? No way! If GAT made money really, I would keep it on myself only and why share it with you? :o

I do hope that my guess above would be wrong.

Re: GAT Strategy - Set ups

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 5:55 am
by lottoburg
The only criterion for measuring a good lotto product is whether it has a predictive capability. And the only criterion of predictive capability just is whether it helps user to get a real profit.

In other words, saying lotto game can be predicted means that the natural Odds can be reduced down to an economical level by a lotto product or system.

Indeed, GAT 2.3b can reduce some lotto games’ Odds to a certain extent but it cannot go to an economic level in which user can get a real profit. In fact, 2.3b is only a static statistical tool for history data according to the level of winning (e.g. 1 / 5, 2 / 5 ... 5/5), and cannot in real time and dynamically help users to find (predict) the better performing GATs which are in a hot cycle.

Practice is the only criterion for testing truth. As a serious player who has been playing the Lotto game for more than 20 years, I can responsibly say that GAT 2.3b does not have predictive functionality and it’s a statistical tool too but just different from the regular statistical ones based on my use and research of the product more than two years.

Not only my all posts here but also the predictive records on the GOL (GAT Online Prediction) have strongly demonstrated my point above. I will public my statistical results of the GOL completely here latter. Also, I will explain why GAT 2.3b IS A STATISICAL TOOL only too further next.

Please read these Texts:《The Art of Lottery Numbers Prediction》(a PDF file) and “Theory and Concept of G.A.T. Prediction Engine” (on the home page of GAT’s website) which should be the theoretical basis of GAT Engine carefully again. Users can find the big difference between the theoretical GAT Engine in these Texts above and the actual GAT Engine i.e. 2.3b in fact.

The actual performance and time should be the best testimony.

Everyone is welcome to comment on my above opinions, whether positive or negative, but don't engage in personal attacks.

(Because my point has been different from the discussion here, I will open a new topic to continue.)

Re: GAT Strategy - Set ups

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:31 pm
by lottoarchitect
I really couldn't stand reading all that commenting you have above. It is very tiring and you recycle the same stuff over and over again and you write sheets over sheets saying absolutely nothing notable with the intent to complain all the time. If you enjoy complaining all the time, I don't.

I'll comment only on this that got my eye. Of course you use GAT in order to gain some edge over picking numbers and want to get some profit out of it. Brilliant. Now, the first thing you have to do is to improve your odds towards this target. GAT has demonstrated it can improve odds quite a lot. Now, if this improvement is sufficient or not to get a profit for your individual game and the way you utilize the outcome of GAT is an entirely different story. If your game has insanely bad odds to get anything worthy, no matter how good the prediction might be in terms of odds improvements, it would be very hard to be in a profit. Still the magic and the outstanding outcome is here, in the picked numbers. Yeah, I can't help it any further. Now, in all the above wall of text you have posted over the last weeks, you have demonstrated a very good GAT that was outstanding as an odds enhancer. Basically this is it, this better performance in your particular game cannot give a profit; I am not sure how even this can come back to me. I have given you the ability via GAT to improve your odds, this is what I do, this is what is crucial to even think about getting in the profit zone in first place - if the performance achieved is enough for your particular game, I am sorry I can't help to that but my promise is you got better odds as you in fact did. How better odds depends on your actual game too, if it has quite apparent reduced randomness, you'll get even better odds, if reduced randomness is obscure even for the engine to detect, odds improvement will be lower even it may not even produce something noteworthy. So bottom line, I still don't understand why the heck you complain all the time, you got out from the engine what it promises it can deliver, still I get loads and loads of complaining. If you feel this is not enough, I can't help it, this is what can be done perhaps we may even have reached the maximum possible odds improvement performance, I can't tell but honestly I shouldn't receive any sort of complain when the engine delivers. You are the most outrageous user I ever had; you get what was promised and you still complain.

Re: GAT Strategy - Set ups

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 7:40 pm
by Paperino
It is really important to find a game or website that pays well in the lower hit categories.

I just won 28 €, almost covering next weeks subscription renewal.

New strategy after a lacklustre year, more on this later.

Hope everybody still lurking around is doing well! :P