SA Lotto/Lotto Plus 1/2-Number field increase

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SA Lotto/Lotto Plus 1/2-Number field increase

Post by fmarais2000 » Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:42 pm

Hi Anastasios

The number field for South Africa Lotto/ Lotto Plus 1/2(6/49 + Bonus Ball from same field of 49) has been increased from 49 to 52 balls(6/52 + Bonus Ball from same field of 52) from Wednesday 2 August 2017 and a new game has been added(Lotto Plus 2) to give lotto players a 3rd chance at a jackpot. Do I need to compile new history files from this date for the 3 lotteries to use in G.A.T. Engine? How many drawings do I require to use the G.A.T. Engine for computation?

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Re: SA Lotto/Lotto Plus 1/2-Number field increase

Post by lottoarchitect » Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:11 pm

Hi fmarais, typically a new game should be created as we don't have the ability to adjust integral parameters of games in GAT once they have been created. However you may try to export your existing history and re-create a new lottery with those older draws.
This is similar to what we have done here for the stars field from 1/11 to 1/12
However, since the whole dynamics of the game will be quite different, I'm not sure it may be worth doing this but it will help running scans since the minimum draws needed in GAT is D=T+2*S+RF where D=total draws in history needed, T=tested draws parameter, parameter, RF=Run Factor parameter. For the default parameters this translates to 140 minimum history draws. Adjusting T & S to lower values will bring this down but very low values aren't recommended for either T & S.

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