G.A.T. Engine 2.3 officially released on 21 April 2013

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G.A.T. Engine 2.3 officially released on 21 April 2013

Post by lottoarchitect » Sun Apr 21, 2013 2:25 pm

The new version of GAT engine 2.3 is made officially available today! A list of changes/additions in detail has been discussed here

  • New Hit Category search criterion ‘Build Up’ Mode
  • Panorama column display altered to show hit success growth via X, X-1, X-n feature
  • Run Factor (Start Point) functionality automated
  • Compare hits to given numbers for actual hits and one off’s – also colour coded.
  • Export/Import of an entire G.A.T. analytical run including all Option settings
  • Save a GAT Table’s internal prediction history to a spreadsheet
  • Improved Pause/Resume functionality during calculations
  • Hits Delay Chart can now show actual delay for a given hit category
  • Auto load on program open of last lottery used
  • Auto save of Options settings/parameters – saved as .ini file
  • Specify number of tables to be displayed per hit category column
  • Copy predicted numbers in sorted order to clipboard
  • Directly export GAT Table data to clipboard
  • Export draw history function
  • Stop scan after specific number of tables reached
  • Odds Calculator

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Re: G.A.T. Engine 2.3 officially released on 21 April 2013

Post by draughtsman » Tue Apr 23, 2013 11:02 pm

There is a new topic within the Help File of Q and A. Covers several topics features and aspects of this new GAT engine release and GAT in general of course..

There may be some other topics that users might consider worth including in this Q&A text.

Post them here so that they may eventually be included.


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