Wheel Generator 1.8.2 Prerelease 1 - 1/4/2010

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Wheel Generator 1.8.2 Prerelease 1 - 1/4/2010

Post by lottoarchitect » Thu Apr 01, 2010 6:38 pm

Dear WG users,
a new prerelease version of WG has been made available (1.8.2 prerelease 1) at the account management. Please login to your area at the website to obtain this new prerelease.
This one has been made available because of a bug reported by a WG user at the consecutive filter. If you do not use the consecutive filter, you can keep using the 1.8.1 version instead.
The new prerelease, has this bug fixed, however it contains a lot of underneath changes to improve performance, therefore it is not fully certified at the moment. Also, the bias/multiplier behaviour has changed a bit due to these new enhancements to the engine. So, you may face the case that a bias/multiplier setting that performs well at 1.8.1 is not so good for 1.8.2 and vice versa. You may observe in the new prerelease that the engine might seem to get stuck for a short time in a few cases (i.e. no moves are performed for a while). This is not a bug - it is how the new engine operates in the search for improvements.

Also enjoy a Happy Easter!


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