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BOARD RULES - Welcome to the forums!

Post by lottoarchitect » Tue Jan 15, 2008 5:03 pm

First of all, I want to welcome everyone who might come across this board!

The purpose of this board is very specific to address the needs of the official website The aim is to support / assist users via forums for every need of software developed by the author. Therefore, some simple rules have to be followed in order to allow the smooth operation of the board.
The pre-existing board ... oarchitect, which originally was created to support the needs of Lotto Architect, will be locked and become unsupported, although it will be still available as a resource for users in a view-only manner. However this will eventually disappear. From now on, this will be the official board, including Lotto Architect's support.

Board Rules
  • Post only to the relevant forum. Unrelated, out of topic and objectionable posts will be deleted, with or without warning.
  • Do not use harsh, objective, or in anyway insulting language or material.
  • Do not post links to web sites containing other bulletin board forums. Please also do not post e-mails requesting for anything to be sent to you. A private message to the intended recipient can do the same and it is also much more secure. Also an e-mail shown in a forum is target of spam-bots which will make the e-mail account useless.
  • Please use English in this forum. Although users come from all over the world and English isn't their native language, a forum that has various spoken languages is hard to read and insulting to other people who cannot read all the posts.
  • Advertising is forbidden. This is not a board to promote other lottery services/commercial programs, drag stores, magazines and anything else outside the purpose it was created for; the sole purpose of this board is to support the users' needs of Anastasios Tampakis's software. The same rule applies for signatures and avatars, or any other means of being displayed to public view. Any such information can be placed in your profile, if you wish so, as long as it is not insulting or objectionable. Registrations that target such a promotion will be removed.
  • References to other commercial programs is generally prohibited.
  • You can post links to lottery commission sites for informational purposes only, as long as this does not violate the above rule.
  • If you find yourself repeatedly being warned over objectionable posts you make, be prepared to face the not-so-pleasing result of a permanent ban. We neither like nor need people whose sole reason of existence is to disturb unpleasantly the normal flow of things.
  • Become a member if you feel you can participate in the talks taking place. Members with 0 posts or being inactive will be removed after a while. Also members without participation who register to promote their website, even if this is displayed at their profile only, will be immediately removed. This rule does not apply to users who have purchased software from the author; all such users should be assigned to the Licensed users group. Request this assignment here memberlist.php?mode=contactadmin.
  • Due to a large amount of registrations that solely aim to promote other services, we enforce from now on a post approval policy for simple registered users by the administrator or the moderators. Please allow some time for your post to be processed and if it fails from the very first post, your account will be immediately deleted. New accepted registrations will be moderated for compliance with the board rules. This rule does not apply to the licensed users as long as it does not violate basic rules.
  • Write in lower case. Messages with all letters in upper case are considered "shouting loud" hard to read and don't fit well in forums.
  • Usernames must follow all the above rules, plus it is not allowed to be in e-mail format. Any such registration will have the @ part removed from the user name. This is primarily for your own protection against spammers.
The administrator and moderators will try to keep the forum clean of any objectionable posts. However it is humanly impossible to read each and every post made. Therefore, the individual author of a post is fully responsible for its contents and the board administration cannot be accused of any content it may display. If you find a post objectionable, please report it via the button offered above the post.

Enough of these... Enjoy your membership!

UPDATE: 5 May 2017


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