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playable wheels

Post by Betovn » Sat Apr 29, 2017 3:54 pm

I use WG regularly in combination with GTA, i used it for cash 5 still trying to figure out software where sometimes with only 20 blocks hits 4 number and yet still cant figure out how i got, most of the time hits 3 out of 5, i have bump memory all the way to 2048 also mess with bias expansion to positive to generate more bad moves to help engine seek better moves also with bias tension but nothing seems to happen there, i also bump under options under priority made it normal as well under preferences check the build complete speedup on start up to see if that would help the system in anyway to hit more 4 out of 5 , yet i know they say that the more tickets the better chances i also believe that if i have accomplish to hit 3,4 and five numbers 20-25 blocks im sure it can happen again the problem is i cant still figure it out and yes ofcourse the times i dont play the lottery is the time i have hit 5 numbers and i use it as test crazy huh , for the last part i notice that as i see number of improvements go up the better yet i do not know how to achieve it , im putting this out there for everyone to see if it can help you and to see if you have better luck , excuse my grammar and if anyone reads this long message and have some improvements or advice i would love to hear it Thank You all have a happy winnings :D

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Re: playable wheels

Post by lottoarchitect » Tue May 02, 2017 9:01 am

Hi Betovn, there is a definite "amount" of possible 4if5 that can fit in 20 blocks, depending on your v,k,m parameters set. I feel like you believe there is a magic trick somewhere that somehow "fits" in the same 20 blocks of the wheel more wins and the program hides it under a checkbox!? All you have to do is really to gradually lower the bias sliders as long as you don't get an improvement. When you are close to the left side on these sliders and no more improvements occur, job is done. There are no magic tricks, there are no huge improvement counts expected (based on your other post).

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